Honey-comb Premium Stainless Steel Non-sticky Wok (14")

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If you are tired of scrubbing or soaking your pans after cooking, watch this :18 seconds video to see the greatest innovation in cooking since perhaps fire! 

 Finally, truly non-stick cookware has arrived, using an ancient design - nature's perfect hexagon honeycomb. 

Now you can have perfectly cooked and seared foods, without the use of oil or butter. Best of call, clean up is a cinch. Simply wipe clean and relax. It's the best of stainless steel combined with the ease of ceramic non-stick. 

Read on to see why honeycomb design pans are now the absolute best cookware you can bring into your kitchen. 

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But, what a technological wonder the cooking industry has produced! Finally, a new non-stick cookware design that actually doesn't stick. 

The Secret:

Honeycomb hexagon pans eliminate your main problems you face when cooking - even heat distribution for perfect cooking, and the burdensome task of scrubbing or soaking baked on messes after cooking. The secret is the patented elevated honeycomb stainless steel micro structure, combined with the lower ceramic non-stick surface. The result? A virtually indestructible non-stick surface with 100% even heat distribution.

You will love: 

  • Getting those restaurant quality pan sear marks on veggies and meats
  • Easily cooking foods at the perfect temperature, without stress
  • Using little to no oil or butter in your cooking
  • Being able to use your metal spatula, knives, forks, whisks without scratching the non-stick surface
  • Having commercial grade cookware in your home at an affordable price
  • And the simplest, quickest clean up ever! 

What You Get

  • 14" wok - the most versatile pan in the kitchen
  • Effortless cooking with perfect searing
  • No scrubbing or soaking pans
  • Simply wipe clean and relax 
  • Stainless steel clad construction
  • Non-stick ceramic over stainless steel peaked surface
  • Deep sided, with a flat bottom
  • PFOA Free
  • 100% scratch resistant - safe for use with metal utensils 
  • Cool touch riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees
  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Lifetime warranty



16 Reviews

  • 5
    so far so good

    Posted by Zoren F. on 28th May 2019

    This is a nice wok. Good quality. So far, no issues.

  • 5
    awesome wok

    Posted by Ginger n. on 28th May 2019

    Great product
    Not cheaply made
    Cooks great

  • 5
    One of the best cookware I ever bought

    Posted by lourdes t. on 28th May 2019

    This thing is worth every penny. The material is of excellent quality. It heats up evenly and its truly a non-stick wok. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Worth purchasing

    Posted by Louisse on 28th May 2019

    Good quality! Works well for stir fry and is non-sticky.

  • 5
    Great for everyday use

    Posted by Gabriel V. on 28th May 2019

    It's not just a The size and shape of this "wok" make it a an item in my kitchen that gets used for many things. It cooks evenly, nothing sticks to it, and cleans up very easily. I highly recommend this item.

  • 5
    Good one

    Posted by Paulina U. on 28th May 2019

    I bought this wok with my thought at stir fry veggies and I can say that I’ve made a good choice. I like the wok’s quality, it’s non sticky which is great. I made my veggies today and it was awesome. Can’t wait to cook more using this wok

  • 5
    Truly a non-stick pan

    Posted by Aiko G. on 28th May 2019

    I use this almost daily, even as an egg pan. It is the only pan I have (and I have tons of top line ones) that is truly non stick.

  • 5
    No regrets buying this product!

    Posted by Carmina V. on 28th May 2019

    Beautiful stainless steel non-stcik wok, great size for family servings. Stir fry cooks evenly. Customer service is even more splendid.

  • 5
    All in all very pleased with my buy

    Posted by Regine V. on 28th May 2019

    Fried rice, shrimp alfredo, spinach omelet, refried beans, you name it... this wok will handle it with ease and best results.